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Alumni - Researchers

Principal investigators and Postdocs that have been members of the Graduiertenkolleg in the past.

Giulia Battiston

Dr. Giulia Battiston

Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

Postdoc until 09/15

E-mail: gbattiston@mathi.uni-heidelberg.de

Dr. Anda Degeratu Dr. Anda Degeratu
Complex Geometry, Geometric Analysis

Room: 328
Phone: +49 (0)761 203 5559
E-mail: email_Degeratu
Dr. Oliver Fabert Dr. Oliver Fabert
Postdoc until 09/13

Ph.D. Thesis 2008:
Transversality results and computations in symplectic field theory

email: oliver.fabert@uni-hamburg.de
Patrick Graf Dr. Patrick Graf
Complex Algebraic Geometry

Ph.D. Thesis 2013:
Differential forms on singular spaces
E-mail: email_graf_bayreuth
Dr. Daniel Greb Prof. Dr. Daniel Greb
Algebraic Geometry, Geometric Invariant Theory

E-Mail: email-greb


Dr. Shane Kelly
Algebraic Geometry

Postdoc until 09/16


E-mail: shanekelly64@gmail.com

Sarah Kitchen Dr. Sarah Kitchen
Postdoc until 08/13

Ph. D. Thesis 2010:
Localization of Cohomologically Induced Modules to Partial Flag Varieties

email: snkitche@umich.edu
Sergei Kovalenko
Dr. Sergei Kovalenko

Complex Algebraic Geometry

E-mail: sergei.kovalenko@msg-systems.com


Dr. Alex Küronya Prof. Dr. Alex Küronya
Postdoc until 09/2013

Habilitation 2012:

Partial positivity concepts in projective geometry

email: kalex@math.bme.hu


PD Dr. Ursula Ludwig

Principal investigator until 09/2012

Habilitation 2011:

The Witten deformation on singular spaces

email: ursula.ludwig@math.u-psud.fr

Antonio_Sartori Dr. Antonio Sartori
Postdoc until 01/2017
Representation Theory

email: antoniosartorimath (at) gmail.com
Oliver Straser Dr. Oliver Straser
Postdoc until 09/14

Ph.D. Thesis 2014:
On the Geometric Tensor Functor for Real Reductive Groups
Behrouz_Taji Dr. Behrouz Taji
Complex Geometry
Dr. Matthias Wendt
A1-Homotopy Theory

E-mail: email_wendt_due
Prof. Dr. Martin Ziegler
Associated researchers until 10/2016

Mathematical Logic, Geometric Model Theory


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