Alumni - PhD Students

List of the Graduiertenkolleg's former PhD students

Florian Beck
Dipl.-Math. Florian Beck
PhD student until 04/16

Jens_Eberhardt Dr. Jens Eberhardt
Geometric Representation Theory

PhD student until 07/17
Stephen Enright-Ward Dr. Stephen Enright-Ward
PhD student until 04/2013

Ph.D. Thesis 2013:
The Voevodsky motive of a rank one semiabelian variety

Magnus Engenhorst Dr. Magnus Engenhorst
PhD student until 09/2013

Ph.D. Thesis 2013:
Bridgeland stability conditions in algebra, geometry and physics

email: email_engenhorst
Patrick Graf Dr. Patrick Graf
PhD student until 02/2013
since 03/2013 Postdoc

Ph.D. Thesis 2013:
Differential forms on singular spaces

email: email_graf_bayreuth
 Nelvis Fornasin Nelvis Fornasin, M.Sc.

Index theory & special holonomy

PhD student until 09/2019
Felix Grimm Dr. Felix Grimm
PhD student until 09/2015

Ph.D. Thesis 2015:
The Chiral de Rham Complex of Tori and Orbifolds

E-mail: felix@geller-grimm.de

Daniel Harrer Dr. Daniel Harrer
PhD student until 03/2016

Ph.D. Thesis 2016:
Comparison of the Categories of Motives defined by Voevodsky and Nori

Clemens_Joerder Dr. Clemens Jörder                                
PhD student until 03/2014

Ph.D. Thesis 2014:
On the Poincaré Lemma for reflexive differential forms

email: email_joerder_privat
 Dummy Dr. Yuhang Hou
PhD student until 12/2020

Ph.D. Thesis 2020:
Elliptic genera of ADE type singularities
 Jorgen Olsen Lye Jørgen Olsen Lye, M.Sc.
Geometry, Mathematical Physics

 PhD student until 10/2019
 Benjamin McDonnell Benjamin McDonnell, M.Sc.
Geometric Representation Theory

 PhD student until 11/2019
Dummy  Eva-Maria Müller, M.Sc.
Differential Geometry

PhD student until 03/2018

Dr. Thiam-Sun Pang
former: Tian-Shun Feng

PhD student until 09/2015

Ph.D. Thesis 2015:

The Harder-Narasimhan Filtrations and Rational Contractions

nataliepeternell Dr. Natalie Peternell
Geometry, Mathematical Physics

PhD student until 03/2018
 René Recktenwald René Recktenwald, M.Sc.
Arithmetic Geometry

PhD student until 12/19
Michael Rottmaier Dipl.-Math. Michael Rottmaier:
PhD student until 10/15

Ph.D. Thesis 2015:
Koszul-Dualität von komplexen Gruppen
Max_Schmidtke Dipl.-Math. Maximilian Schmidtke
Arithmetic Geometry

PhD student until 03/2018
Helene Sigloch Dr. Helene Sigloch
PhD student until 03/2016

Ph.D. Thesis 2016: Homotopy Theory for Rigid Analytic Varieties
E-mail: Sigloch email address

Oliver Straser Dr. Oliver Straser
PhD student until 03/14

Ph.D. Thesis 2014:
On the Geometric Tensor Functor for Real Reductive Groups

Martin_Schwald Dr. Martin Schwald
Algebraic and Complex Geometry

PhD student until 05/17
Konrad Völkel Dr. Konrad Völkel
PhD student until 09/16

Ph.D. Thesis 2016:
Motivic Cell Structures for Projective Spaces over Split Quaternions

Jan Weidner Dr. Jan Weidner
PhD student until 09/14

Ph.D. Thesis 2014:
Modular equivariant formality
Elmiro Vetere, M.Sc. Elmiro Vetere
PhD student until 10/18

Ph.D. Thesis 2018:
anjafuchshuber Dr. Anja Wittmann
PhD student until 05/16

Ph.D. Thesis 2016:
Eta-forms and adiabatic limits for fibrewise Dirac operators with varying kernel dimension


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