Within the Graduiertenkolleg, 12 PhD positions of 36 months' duration will be established over the next two years, at a salary level of TV-L 13 75%. Depending on family status and previous experience, candidates can expect a salary of about 1450€ per month, after taxes and health insurance. We are looking for candidates with a Master's degree or equivalent, who show strong potential for a research career, and are able to complete their PhD project within the three year period.

PhD students will participate in the common research activities and conduct individual research under the guidance of their PhD supervisors. As a rule, supervisors will be members of the GK listed under Researchers. However, if the topic fits into the scientific frame of the GK, a PhD project can be supervised by Associated Researchers. If the research topic fits with the field of expertise of a cooperation partner in Zürich, a PhD student may visit the Graduate School in Mathematics in Zürich for an extended period of three to six months.

Candidates with children are specifically invited to apply. The Family Service of the University of Freiburg organizes child care. If necessary, funds for extra child care during visits from research partners or conferences will be provided.

After completion of the PhD, the best students will be offered liftoff grants at the same salary level for a period of six months in order to prepare for their academic career.

Qualifying Fellowships

There are a limited number of Qualifying Fellowships available for candiates with a four-year Bachelors degree or equivalent. Successful candidates will reveive a one-year fellowship of about 800€ per month. Upon successful completion of the first year candidates will move to one of the regular PhD position described above. This allows for a total of four years.

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