The Graduiertenkolleg's qualification program includes a broad range of activities. Most activities listed below will commence with the official opening of the Graduiertenkolleg in October 2012.

  1. GK-Seminar - a learning seminar on a weekly basis during the semester, which brings together all involved scientists and doctoral students. On a smaller scale, such a seminar has already been established by the participating researchers.
  2. Lectures covering advanced topics chosen in accordance with the experience and interests of the participating PhD students.
  3. Research Seminars, where visiting scientists give talks and GK members present their results. There are currently  two series: algebra and differential geometry.
  4. Basic Notions Seminar, where PhD students and postdocs meet on an informal level.
  5. Lecture Series given by invited researchers for a period of up to one month.
  6. Annual and less frequent events include Block Seminars designed to provide a platform for PhD students to present their research progress, Workshops on single research topics like the already established SWAS, Summer Schools in the spirit of the recent schools on Migliorini-de Cataldo's proof of the Decomposition Theorem and on Hacon-McKernan-Xu's work on Birational Automorphisms of Varieties of General Type, and network-building Female Researcher Conferences.
  7. International Cooperation: PhD students whose research topic fits the field of expertise of a cooperation partner in Z├╝rich may visit the Graduate School in Mathematics for up to 6 months. The cooperation with Strasbourg includes short-term visits and Joint Seminars.

Many opportunities for further qualification, such as German language courses, are offered by the International Graduate Academy.

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